LIGHT Testimonial – Virginia

I’ve been taking the Light every day and I am seeing subtle changes.  The most positive change is that I am more grounded then I’ve been in a long time.  Also, I noticed some emotional issues coming to the surface.  I’m also noticing that I don’t have as many issues with negative energy or attachments.  Although, last night and today is a little rough.  Overall, things are much better on all levels and as I continue to use the Light,  I know it will continue to get better and better.


LIGHT Launch Party

Introducing LIGHT to the Houston area. Join us for an evening of LIGHT drinks, food and music. We will be showcasing our product and the many uses of LIGHT. Address and attire will be given after a firm RSVP. Bring your date, your energy and your LIGHT story.

  • 4/29/17
  • 8:00pm – 2:00am
  • Free Admission

Leave your RSVP below in the comment section, along with your contact information.  Thank you!


LIGHT Testimonial – Hawaii

Quality. Care. Innovation.

When deciding to take and/or apply anything new in my life, I always try to be aware of what’s the best thing for me, my body, and my well-being. From deciding what foods to eat, to how I care for my body, I always want the best for my mind, body, and spirit.

I’ve come across many products and modalities throughout the years in regards to the field of health and wellness, and nothing compares to LIGHT! It’s truly phenomenal as to what it yields. LIGHT is pure magic! It is one-of-a-kind and way beyond its years. This superior product is literally everything all-in-one! LIGHT is the leading edge.

The results were more than I could ever imagine. I ingested the product as well as applied it topically as instructed. Physically, I became healthier than ever before. I workout, and I could tell that the product really helped me get my desired results both physically and performance wise. Since taking the product, I have more energy and stamina, yet, I’m more relaxed at the same time. I feel more refreshed regularly. My skin became more fresh, vibrant and rejuvenated and I look younger. My eyesight improved. My teeth and gums became more fresh and healthier as well. Overall, my physical well-being greatly enhanced.

My mood is more exuberant than it usually is and I am more in the flow of life than ever before. Life is definitely reflecting this back to me and I am truly grateful for it and for this amazing product called, LIGHT! Life is a celebration filled with such beauty, joy, and abundance!

I’m currently working on my MBA, and since taking the product, I understand and conceptualize the material much easier and clearer. In addition, I can retain more information as well as come up with effective ideas and solutions more efficiently.

The amount of thought and intention that has been put into this product, and the ability to have the opportunity to have this product help advance my mind, body, and spirit is a true honor and a blessing.

LIGHT is a true blessing.

I want to personally thank the creators of LIGHT for not only their mastery in creating such a product, but for their kindness in sharing this product with the world.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation.

This product has definitely brought LIGHT into my life, and I know that shall you ever have the opportunity; this product will bring LIGHT into yours.

Celebrate and enjoy life and the LIGHT you are!


LIGHT Testimonial – Connecticut

I started taking LIGHT almost a week ago now and the results have been nothing but spectacular.  Immediately I noticed an enhanced sense of awareness and focus.  My mind feels supercharged as I am able to concentrate with greater clarity.  My moods have become increasingly elevated and I feel profound cognitions occurring on deeper levels.  I have felt more in tune with myself and with all life.  My walks through nature have been completely enhanced with a greater sense of interconnectedness and sensitivity to more subtle energies.  My psychic energy centers awe awakening more rapidly and my entire life seems to be coming together.  I am excited to wake up and take my light every day and I am grateful for the opportunity to have this amazing experience.
Thank You!!!!!
Much Love and LIGHT,

LIGHT Testimonial Clarity

I took a teaspoon LIGHT with Orange juice. I have taken this before it just had not been in about 6 months.  I immediately felt euphoric and then that lead to major mental clarity and then returned cognitive thoughts and remembrances.

That night I had very lucid dreams all in full color. I woke up at 4:30 AM and was ready to start the day fully charged with less sleep. I typically wake up around 7 AM.

This new formula of LIGHT is amazingly energetic. It goes down smoothly then hits hard.