LIGHT Creation

LIGHT is produced in a very specific environment. All materials and environmental conditions must be pristine energetics for LIGHT to be created.

LIGHT manufacturing requires a lot of water. Water is very toxic from most municipalities and typical water sources are not proper for the usage of LIGHT. Purchasing distilled water is the better option, however, this water source still requires a lot of work in preparation of usage for LIGHT.

So in order to properly scale the production, we have developed our own water treatment equipment called CLEAR Water Process “CWP”.

patented clear-water-process

The Clear Water system filters remove microbiological contaminants, turbidity, inorganic and radiological contaminants. This is stage one of a three – stage system.

All water is then processed and stored in a LIGHT Chamber. This chamber resets the water molecules to the proper setting. Water stores all information and unless you reset the water to your requirements if this is not done your water you will have energetic intoxicants.

The water needs to flow at specific angles and with a final set frequency that complements the LIGHT Chamber.

When the water is completed through all CLEAR processes and ready to be used for the production of LIGHT, it is a different color. The water is a brilliant light blue in color and has completely new properties.

The CLEAR Chamber is where LIGHT is created. This technology was invented and developed by CLEAR International Trust.  When creating an energetic product you must establish the correct energetic environment. All LIGHT is produced in the CLEAR Chamber for this reason. A CLEAR Chamber consist of a chamber that is shielded from any outside technologies such as radio frequencies and EMF to name a couple.

The CLEAR Chamber is a patent pending and trademarked technology equipped with 17 layers of protection from any outside sources.  The CLEAR Chamber is reflective on all sides of the room creating an energetic (plasmic) infinity loop.

The chamber has an assortment of different LIGHT sources that are photonic devices. These devices are calibrated based on noble gasses used for each. The current LIGHT production is using oxygen due to the most beneficial production for Health and Wellness.

The Clear Chamber has an atmospherical pressure setting for specific pressures while manufacturing LIGHT. Controlling the atmosphere is important and amplifies the productivity of the CLEAR Chambers by as much as 300%.

CLEAR chambers have a full range of frequencies, configurations and use based on the process of LIGHT manufacturing. Different frequencies are used for specific steps in the manufacturing process.

LIGHT ingredients are Sodium Chloride “NACL”, Raw Unfiltered, Unpasteurized Apple Cider Vinegar, CLEAR water, and a proprietary manufacturing process using all technologies developed.

Salt is a perfect base material for this product.  Different sources of Salt contain specific minerals.  All salt used for LIGHT is purposely selected and then properly cleared and set in the CLEAR Chamber. Salt is crystalline and is a great storage device for electrons, LIGHT or commonly know as a plasmic energetics.

The CLEAR manufacturing process opens up salt and by way of all processes establishes an end result that is very effective in detoxifying the Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Through the alchemical process, we are able to encode each molecule with frequency. During the processing of each mineral, they are at a baseline of creation and ready to be encoded for the Body, Mind, and Spirit.  It is at this point of raw, organic material we can build frequency into the product. The LIGHT product resonates with the sound of all creation. It is alive and will continue to build upon each molecular structure as it is enjoyed by you.

LIGHT is created in 5-7 days of processing in the Chamber.  Once completed LIGHT has a bright white color and fully activated.

Packaging LIGHT is quite a unique process.  Packaging must look appealing while protecting the product through distribution, retail locations and then the end users location.

Our patented multilayered technology for packaging is paramount in delivering such a product in mass to the marketplace.

The outside layer has 4 separate layers all required for discharging electromagnetic frequencies.  This layer can either be shrink wrapped or in a “zip lock” external bag configuration.

The glass layer is required to hold Light. The Glass is very specific has the most effective  BioPhotonic functionality. The BioPhotonic properties are required to assist in proper storage of a LIGHT product.  Collectively the 4 layers or EMF shields and then the BioPhotonic layer have been developed in order to package an energetic product.

Enjoy LIGHT and “Drink the Sun”.